Where is/was Nosadl, Bohemia?

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    I'm new to this research thing, so please forgive me if I say something silly :oops: . Growing up I was led to believe that there was gypsies in my family. I cant say for sure if it was a direct line or association. My great grandma's aunt was a cook in a hotel in USA who hung out with gypsies. My ggg grandparents were Frank and Elizabeth (Selinger) Kallis. They both came from Nosadl, Bohemia. Franks mother was named Elizabeth. Not sure of father, Wilhelm? Elizabeth's parents may have been named Anton and Lena? Elizabeth had a brother named Wenzel Selinger. Josep was Frank's brother.

    There is a letter from Josep to Frank in August 17 1850. He had been touring as a musician through Serbia, Russia, and Turkey.

    My ggg grandparents were Catholic. Are/were gypsies Catholic? If they were gypsies would they have been considered Bohemians? I have a heard that there is a mitochondrial DNA at home test I can take. This would be good since I have a direct female line to this ancestory. Where do I find these tests :roll: ?

    Also if my "new" cousin I met on the interent is reading this; "Thank you much for the info", give credit where credit is due! :wink:
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    Here's a link to an article that is on ancestry.com. The author doesn't mention the mitochondrial DNA test, but there are links to companies that offer the tests. They might not be the at-home kind though...and DNA Heritage only seems to offer Y testing.

    About Bohemian Gypsies, I would think that they would be listed on ship's manifests as nationally Austrian or Austro-Hungarian, and if there's a column for ethnicity they would be Gypsy, not Bohemian. At least that's how things look on the Ellis Island site. Whether they considered themselves Gypsy or Bohemian, or both, is something else of course. :wink:
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    Not a bit of it, Jana, Nosadl is not German - see syllable 'dl'. German name is Nossadel.
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    Thank you to Jana and Wer 4 your info and links to Nosalov. Wow :!: , what a beautiful little village. I love the architechture. It feels like Polish mixed w/ German, done in a way to make make it it's own original style. Maybe some day I will have a chance to see it up close and personal. Does anyone have more info on the town? If so I would like to hear a firsthand account.

    As for where I heard about mitochondrial DNA tests at home, there is an American morning show called Today. About a month and a half ago there was a scientist talking about how we all came from Adam and Eve. Then somehow the people broke into diffrent ethnicities. Adam and Eve are believed to be from northern Africa. Then some people went to South Africa, Middle East, Asia, and others straight to Europe. Mitochondrial DNA is from a mother to her children, even boys get it, except only the daughter can pass on mitochondrial DNA. This never changes, from generation to generation. The scientist on the Today show said that you can have the test sent to your home. Draw blood and send it back to the lab. They test it, then they tell you what "Haplogroup" you are from. Seriously, I'm not making this up. (I'm not that smart :p ) Nor did I see it in a science fiction movie.

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