which type of two-pronged adaptor for CR?

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    I just reacted to that:


    I've just returned from Turkey few hours ago. This country is not European, in no view, neither geographically, nor culturally, nor economically.

    Atatürk made huge things for his country - it's the most bearable Islamic country ever. It can't be compared to Saudi Arabia or present Iran - these countries live in the medieval (I like Iran and Persian people, blame Ahmadinedjad for that). But it does not mean Turkey is European, farly not.

    Turks replaced Islam by nationalism. There are many Turks who would like to see the Ottoman Empire again. Many Turks don't recognize Greece or Armenia.

    Turks are responsible for the massacre of Armenians and their gouvernment wasn't able to apologize, or even recognize this historical fact! Turkey is the only country all over the world, who does not recognize the souverenity of Cyprus (Turkey recognizes „The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus“). It's impossible to accept a country that rejects the territorial integrity of a present EU member!

    Almost 70 000 000 people live in Turkey. Now, millions of Turks live in Germany and we can see problems between Germans and Turks - Turks bring their way of life to Germany - and that's a problem. If we'll accept Turkey to the EU, we can await unemployment, lower wages and cultural conflicts.

    If you've read my post to the end, thank you for your patience. It seems we've really went far away from the outlets case!

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