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    hi all,
    sorry to bother you about a big OT (coz its not related with CR).
    I'm italian and fan of Napoli football team.

    many czech friends told me the czech media show pictures and gave news about the "big riots" for the football match roma vs Napoli.

    what's your opinion about?

    have you heard about?

    unfortunately the italian media pointed out a lot of bulls..t, as asual, they are only good to talk about our great berlusconi...

    anyway, just few example from friends, they updated me how their own contry media report the facts:

    "here is a little article in the austrian newspaper "derStandard"
    the chief redactor of the football magazin(not ultras magazin) "ballesterer" was present with napoli ultras the whole day.
    he said, that the true facts are absolutly different what italian press writed.
    he think that many things on this day were planed by police and state to make angry the tifosi and provoke fights.

    the link of the article

    in the october will be present an article in the ballesterer about roma-napoli and police action."

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