Wink Texas sink holes

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by The Animal, May 25, 2008.

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    Dear friends, here are some links to see the sink holes. Some are in the oil field here in Texas, one of the pictures shows a rig.
    Anyone else know of somemore sinkholes? ... K_SINK.htm ... pment.html

    Makes you wonder about the ground that you stand on. :wink: :wink:
    Glenn, have you seen the Devels hole there in Florida?
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    I'm glad I don't live nearby. :shock:
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    I have been wanting to take a airplane trip over the sinks holes to get a good view. I will have to drive from Odessa to Wink in order to see them. One of the things they are concerned about is the water getting contamanated that feeds Wink Texas. The voda that you see is the under ground water that flows underneith the surface. If you were to fall in there you will not be able to get out. The water is deep, jsem sure there are some under ground caverns that spread out under the water level. The water is susposed to be in pouress rock just like the oil is. The oil wells in this area are about 8,000 ft. deep. If you go south of here the oil is deeper about 17,000 feet. I believe that is what the pusher said on the drilling rig I just worked on. It was a long day, had to work 37 hrs straight.

    The other good news is the general public does not have access to the site they are on oil field private property. Even then you have to know where they are. The best thing is to stay away. The ground is cracking all around, just waiting to fall in. :roll: :roll: :roll: As of right now there is nothing they can do to keep them from opening up futher. :wink:
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    Yes, it is not too far from University of Florida in Gainesville. This is a long standing sink hole, we have others that pop up (or perhaps down is a better word) around the state frequently - some of them are real house eaters.

    side note - my great-grandmother lived most of her life in Wink and is buried there along with all 5 of her husbands (two of whom she shot to death for cheating on her - she was a tough old bird).

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