Zlobit and zlobit se

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    Do the above two words have exactly the same meaning? I know that zlobit se na means to get angry at someone, but does zlobit mean to make someone angry? Im asking because my online dictionary doesn't really give the meaning of zlobit as to anger but spite, annoy and even tease so I'm a bit confused.

    Does the sentence:

    Nezlob me a nezlob se na me mean: 'Don't anger me and don't get angry at me?'

  2. wer

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    Actually, it means to be angry at someone, but it is only matter of the aspect.

    Only as the transitive verb.

    Yes, or rather “…don’t be angry…”.

    zlobit (intransitive)
       1. to be naughty
       2. to bother
       3. to cause troubles
       4. to go haywire

    zlobit někoho
       1. irritate/annoy/bother somebody
       2. to make somebody angry
       3. to cause troubles/sorrows to somebody
       4. tease/taunt somebody

    zlobit se (intransitive; lit. to irritate oneself)
       1. to be angry

    zlobit se na někoho
       1. to be angry at somebody
       2. to be cross with somebody

    zlobit se s něčím
       1. to have troubles with something
       2. to trouble oneself about something
       3. to strive for something
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    Thanks Wer, this is really useful!

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