Zronek or Prohaska

Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by marD, Dec 17, 2004.

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    I am looking for family in the Czech republic. All I know is that they were around/in Prague.


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    Hi, between our ancestors we have Marie Magdalena Prochazkova (F in czech language = -ova. M = Prochazka) born 1791 Praha (Prague) - part Hrncire number 2. Daughter of Jan Prochazka and Katerina Wokurkova.
    Married Frantisek Parizek born 1806 Volesko near Prague.
    Their son Vaclav Parizek 1853-1927 Volesko-Prague, master builder, married 1875 Anna Pechackova 1853-1925 Cekanice near Tabor-Prague. Their daughter Otilie Parizkova-Vrbova was gmother of my husband. I hope it help. from Prague
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    I'm not sure if I completely understand your post. Do you have more information? Sorry it took so long to post BTW...:)

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