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Postby bibax » 01-Apr-09 18:15

From airport to your hotel you can go by public transport, or by taxi, or you can combine both methods.

Using taxi from airport is clearly the most expensive option, about 600 CZK.

All three possibilities are equally safe. I disagree that the Kampa Island is not safe in the dark. There are at least 5 hotels and 7 restaurants. It is a very frequented place even in the night.

The cheapest and safe way:

1) from airport to Dejvická use bus #119 (Dejvická is a terminal)
2) from Dejvická to Malostranské náměstí use tram #20
3) from the Malostranské náměstí tram stop go through Mostecká street to the Charles bridge (Mostecká is a safe street)
4) on the right side of the bridge find the steps to the Kampa Island
5) the Kampa Garden Hotel is about 100 meters from the bridge

It will take about one hour (airport-hotel). Map is not necessary (I hope).

From the Malostranské náměstí tram stop to the Kampa Island it is about 400-500 meters. If you are not able to go such distance on foot with your suitcase, then use taxi (either from airport or from Dejvická).
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Postby Polednikova » 02-Apr-09 7:44

soso84 wrote:
Polednikova wrote:Magan is right. You'd definitely need a map to find the hotel from the tram stop. Getting to Dejvicka is easy, but then if you don't want to change hotels, I think I'd get a taxi to Kampa, especially with a suitcase.
Thank you for the clarification. How much it would cost by Taxi from Dejivicka to my hotel? Unfortunately, I already booked! Any better solutions? (safety is my top priority here!)
The best taxi firm here, with English speaking operators, is AAA taxis. I don't have the number to hand, but I'm sure you'll find them on the internet.

So I would get the airport bus to Dejvicka, then call AAA for a taxi to Kampa. I don't know how much it will cost, but whatever it is will be fair for the journey and a lot less than it would have cost in your country or mine! AAA will want the name of the road plus the building number (the red and blue plaques on every building) or stand outside the Diplomat Hotel - you can't miss it.

And don't worry about safety. Prague is very safe. There's nowhere I wouldn't walk alone at night.

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