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Postby bibax » 30-Mar-09 2:02

You must distinguish the categories "Důchodce" (Pensioner), "Senior 60-70" and "Občan v hmotné nouzi" (Citizen in indigence). Pensioner obviously is not equal to Senior 60-70. The "Pensioner" PID-cards are not issued since 2008, they were replaced by the "Senior 60-70" PID-cards (the only requirements: age and EU citizenship). If you are a pensioner under 60 you can still be "občan v hmotné nouzi" (probably restricted to Czech citizens), in such case you'll need a proof.

I must correct one of my previous posts:
The seniors over 70 need the "Identifikační" PID-cards (passport is insufficient).

The PID-cards for seniors are probably a constriction against tourists and maybe they are useful for statistics and planning.

PID = Pražská integrovaná doprava (Prague Integrated Transport)
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Postby padraig » 30-Mar-09 10:27

Prague transpoprt have confirmed that any EU citizen over 60 is entitled to a PIT card and 50% reduction. All you need is proof of identity and an address where you would be staying during the course of your visit. You do not need to be in receipt of a pension from any country. Ignore that section in the application form.
Hope this helps to clarify the situation and thanks to all who replied to my original post.

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