Day Trips from Prague

Where to go? What to see? How to get there?

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Postby rsalc1 » 16-May-09 22:10

jrjaks wrote:
n4nature wrote:HI,

I'm reaching Prague on May 29th at 1PM from New York and my return flight is at 6AM on June 3rd ( Wednesday).

I've an idea of what to explore in Prague. Also I'd like to visit couple of small towns either via bus or train to get to know local culture.

Couple of things that come to mind are Plzen, Cesky Krumlov and Olomouc.

Given my itenerary (above), what is the best option?

Hoping to get some helpful feedback.


Your are going to be busy! You could spend that much time easily just in Prague and see only a thumbnail version. We took the train to Krivoklat and enjoyed it immensely. The tracks follow the Berounka River for much of the trip, with lots of pretty scenery and families enjoying the day along the river.

I agree with a day trip to Krivoklat and Karlstejn (I just did that last month, a friend of mine drove me there). It's quite a nice drive along the Berounka and you get to see two wonderful castles and beautiful scenery.

If you are into bicycling, you can join lots of cyclists there, but I must warn you: lots of steep hills, so you must be in great shape!

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Postby Zik » 24-May-09 11:32

Follow Dana. There are many, many beutiful places in the Czech Republic, but three days are just not enough to explore them. Have enough time to explore Prague and take one trip to some near town, for example Kutná Hora, it's a great choice.

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