Town near Liberec

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Town near Liberec

Postby Danjakob » 26-Nov-10 1:22

Dobrý Den,

I will be studying in Brno for about 6 months and want to visit where my grandparents used to live.
My sister recently spoke with my grandfather about his youth.
Since she doesn't know any Czech she couldn't understand him completely but wrote down what it sounded like.
She wrote down Austershov Ureberge. And I know it's near Liberec.
This was in the 1940's so the town may not be around anymore.

Does anyone know where this is and could point it out on a map?

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Postby Alexx » 26-Nov-10 11:15

Maybe Ostašov u Liberce? Now it is part of Liberec.

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