Visiting Prague and Pilzen

Where to go? What to see? How to get there?

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Visiting Prague and Pilzen

Postby stepan » 08-Mar-12 1:42

My wife and I are coming to Prague at the end of June for 9 days to visit with family and see Prague. My first trip since we escaped. We will be staying at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Freyova 33, Metro B Vysocanska, Prague 9. I am so looking forward tothe trip.

There will be a side trip to Pilzen, Becov and Mrazov to meet with more family and see where I was born and lived before we escaped from Czechoslovakia.

I have two questions:

1. If you were a first time visitor to Prague and Pilzen,what would be MUST places to see?

2. What restaurants would you recommend for authentic Czech Food? I cook andthe results aver very close to what my mothermade, but I want to try Restaurant Czech food .

ALso, my father was a graduate of the Prague Conservatory of Music (circa 1924). I want to see if there are any papers about him in thier archives. If anyone has suggestions or connections at the conservatory, please let me know. I want to learn as much as possible about him.

ALSO, if anyone wants to meet for a beer or two, let me know. We will arrive in Prague on Wednesday,June 27 about 5 PM and leave on a 9:15 AM flight on Friday, July 6. We will travel to Pilzen on Monday July 2 and return to Prague on Tuesday, July 3.

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