secure storage and hotel

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secure storage and hotel

Postby drvinnieb » 10-Feb-03 17:25

I'm in need of secure storage for a vehicle located near the Prague main airport. If any one has informations recomendations I would appreciate hearing about it.

I'm also in need of a cheap, clean hotel near or on the way to the airport for longer stays when I'm in the Prague area.


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Postby Dana » 14-Feb-03 5:04

Hi Vinnie,

The only place I know about is the regular parking garage at the airport but that's probably not what you're looking for. I don't know what the prices are there - maybe someone else knows?

For a hotel that's on the way to the airport, I think some areas to look into could be Břevnov or Střešovice and of course anywhere along Evropská street, which is the main one leading to the airport. Unfortunately, I don't know about any particular places.

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