Where to stay in Prague

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Where to stay in Prague

Postby Allie » 14-Feb-04 23:03

I'm in the process of planning a 8-day trip to Prague in the middle of June. I've started to look through the Accommodations and have found a couple of cheaper hostels and pensions that fit my price range.

One is:
Albert Pension
Na Slupi 7
Prague 2, Nove mesto

do you know anything about that area? Is there any reason that it would not be a good place to stay?

other one is

Pension Bob
Kovarenska 2a, Prague 6

Know anything about this area?
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Postby Jeff » 25-Feb-04 22:16

Hi Allie,

I looked up both places on a map. Pension Bob is a ways from the center and you would need to take a bus to get in. Something to consider.

Albert Pension is closer to the center and on a street with a tram. Based on its location, it probably within walking distance of a lot more restuarants, stores, etc. It's looks like it's not too far from Il Ritrovo (Lublanska 11 - www.ilritrovo.cz), an Italian restaurant I enjoyed the last time I was in Prague.


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