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Rootin Tootin Shootin Fun

Postby Anesthetix » 25-Feb-04 17:28


Newbie here - so be gentle please!

I am coming to Prague in March and wonder if there is anyone out there who knows how to contact

Rambo Shooting Range, Za porícskou branou
7, Prague 8 (tel: (02) 231 3712)

the telephone number is not correct (taken from the web) - anyone any ideas - or suggestions for other venues?

any help - gratefully received

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Postby Halef » 25-Feb-04 19:37

The correct number may be 222 313 712.

There was a phone renumbering recently. Any valid Czech phone number now has exactly nine digits, no starting zeros.

Of course, if you call from abroad, you have to use the prefix +420.

Online phone list: (Czech only).
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Postby maartenv » 25-Feb-04 20:08

Above is working. The name of the place is the first part. The second part (in Czech) is street name and number.
Maarten Vermeulen, Netherlands :)
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Postby Anesthetix » 25-Feb-04 21:52

that is REALLY helpful - thanks.


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