Prague Railway station

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Prague Railway station

Postby Sybilla » 14-Mar-04 3:48

Sorry! I just asked this question in the "Language " section because that is where most of my preoccupations are.
At the Prague main railway station, Hlavni nadrazi, are there luggage trolleys available for passengers arriving from Wien? If there are is there a charge and, if so, how much?
What would be a ball park figure for a taxi from the station out to Kolej Volha, part of the Fakultni Thomayerova (I think) near Chodov station.
Please don't tell me I could use the Metro. My group are all getting on a bit and not up to coping with luggage in strange places.
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Postby Dana » 14-Mar-04 21:32


I don't remember ever seeing luggage trolleys at the main train station (or any Czech train station for that matter) but I've never had the need for them and therefore have not been looking. I hope someone else can provide a more informed answer.

What I want to stress however is, do NOT get into a taxi that is already parked in front of the train station. If you do, you'll be running a risk of getting ripped off big time. The airport and train stations are the places where Prague's dishonest taxi drivers are waiting for their unsuspecting prey - foreign tourists - to be able to charge them an arm and a leg for a 5-min. ride. Please order a taxi by phone from a reputable taxi company - see the list on our Prague Taxi page. The dispatchers speak English, they'll provide a car/cars in minutes and you'll get good service at the right prices. I'm not sure how much you'll be charged to go to Chodov. I know you probably want to know beforehand, but anyway, the dispatcher should be able to give you an estimate when you call.

Have a good trip!


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