First trip to Prague...or Europe even...Any advice?

Where to go? What to see? How to get there?

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First trip to Prague...or Europe even...Any advice?

Postby tnvol66 » 06-Aug-08 3:25

Hello everyone, nice to have found this shortly before my first trip to Europe and Prague. I'll be staying in Prague for two weeks, and have reservations at the Hotel Anna, in the Vinohrady District I think. Anyone have any experiences about either I'd love to hear of them. Maybe advice on the best way to get from Ruzyne to the hotel?

I may post more questions as I think of them, and any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm really looking forward to my visit and in seing and learning more of Czech culture.

Cheers, Joseph
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Postby dzurisova » 06-Aug-08 16:03

Welcome and enjoy your vacation in Europe/Prague. :)
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