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Postby girdeaux10 » 09-Oct-08 13:57

Polednikova wrote:Definitely. It's only small and will only take you half an hour but it's worth every penny of the 60kč entrance fee. You really do get a sense of how brave they were.

And I found confirmation that a man called Lyčka provided one of the safe houses that the assassins hid in and after whom our square is named.


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Postby GlennInFlorida » 09-Oct-08 14:54

Just an aside from earlier in the discussion...

I imagine most of the visitors to Prague Zoo are Czechs - went there with a friend of mine (had a great time, the zoo is really nice) and didn't notice any other obvious tourists. Might be different in the summer, though. We went in the fall (in fact on the last day you could take the river cruise to the zoo) and it was brisk.
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Postby wissy » 09-Oct-08 15:21

We went to the Zoo in August and also had a great time. I agree with Glenn, there were very few tourists, if any, that we noticed. We also took the boat to Troja and returned to the city centre via bus and metro which was great fun. Maybe there are few tourists at the Zoo because of the travel involved, i don't know, but to us that added to the fun and enjoyment of the day. :D
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Ctyri koruny
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Postby Ctyri koruny » 19-Oct-08 15:16

Next time I go to Prague I really must bring a guide book >_< hee hee I want to see the national gallery!

Where's the best place for Contemporary Art in Prague?

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