Prague to Plzen...public transportation

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Prague to Plzen...public transportation

Postby timmay » 29-Sep-08 23:41

We are going to try and go to the brewery for the festival in 4 days and I was wondering what the best way to get from old town square to the brewery might be.

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Postby Sigma » 30-Sep-08 7:59

Not from the old town, but you can leave from Praha-Zličín by bus and it takes 1-hour. I think this bus is Student Agency. Although, I think Praha-Zlicin isn't very convenient to get too. Maybe someone in Prague might have a better idea?

A train from hlavni nadrazi takes around 1.5 hours.
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Postby GlennInFlorida » 30-Sep-08 13:19

you can take a Student Agency bus from the bus station at Florenc Metro stop - easy to get to from Old Town. Tickets can be bought at the station - nice trip (an hour or so) and very reasonable.

Take the A line Metro from Staromestska stop in Old Town to Mustek (next stop) - transfer to B line and go two stops to Florenc.
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Postby wer » 30-Sep-08 14:15

The best option is to use a slow local train and to enjoy the beauties of Český kras. :wink:
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Postby timmay » 30-Sep-08 17:03

Wondering how late all the transportation options run, we may be out late trying to enjoy all of the options we can in a matter of 4 days. Where would we pick up the local train?

Also thanks for all the information
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Postby Polednikova » 30-Sep-08 17:34

Back to the buses from Prague's Florenc bus station (I'm a bus girl, myself :) ), if you were going today, goes to this (you'll see what everything means when you go to the site)


23:55 Date From/Interchange/To Arr. Dep. Note Connections
30.9. Praha,,ÚAN Florenc 23:55 22 144101 1
1.10. Plzeň,,CAN WC MHD 1:15
Overall time 1 hours 20 min., distance 97 km

But basically, you could leave 23:55, with the STUDENT AGENCY bus company, and get to Plzen at 1.10 in the morning. They are very good and not just for students.

PS Nice to see you, Glenn. Hope all is well.

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