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Postby girdeaux10 » 17-Nov-08 18:58

eso wrote:
czechruralholidays wrote:
Polednikova wrote:On the contrary, Eso. It's actually a very friendly way of saying thank you. I can see it being said by old people in Devon in the South West of England!quote]

It may well be used in those places but I know a cop who worked in Coventry (now in Warks) that uses the same term often so maybe its a Coventry thing or a police thing :wink:

I see! So it means:

Thank you, move along, there is nothing to see here! ;) ;) ;)

Yes absolutely, spoken in true police jargon.

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Postby eso » 17-Dec-08 11:42

Very touching story of one of woman from Lidice.

In Czech only. ... na_ony_jup
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Postby Polednikova » 17-Dec-08 12:47

Thanks, Eso. I like to keep interesting articles like this and then I re-read them every six months or so and get more out of them as my Czech improves.

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