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Postby Yerusalyim » 17-May-11 23:45

My wife went to Chicago to a Polish store and found some Pilsner Urquel...DELICIOUS. For my Czech friends in the US...are there any US beers you find worth the trouble to drink?
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Postby jrjaks » 18-May-11 14:43

I'm not Czech, (though I am of Czech descent), but I do like Czech beer, so maybe I'm partially qualified to answer :D Sam Adams brews seasonal beers, one of which is Noble Pils, which I think is made with Bohemian hops. Out of the tap, it tastes the most like Czech beer that I've found in the US. It's season ended in March though.
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Postby dzurisova » 18-May-11 19:46

Pilsner Urquel - we have that everywhere in my parts of the US. We don't have to go to a Polish store to find it. It's in almost every store around here. :?
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