Adviser to Vaclav Klaus Believes Bin Laden Was Fabrication

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Adviser to Vaclav Klaus Believes Bin Laden Was Fabrication

Postby Yvan » 05-May-11 22:12

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Postby scrimshaw » 06-May-11 0:05

Well, how about that?, looks like not all the crack pots are just in the U.S. .

The article says about Petr Hajek.....He also reiterated that the mass murder in September 2001 was a U.S. government conspiracy rather than a collection of terrorists who aimed to wreak havoc on the United States. “It couldn’t have happened. The picture that politicians in the USA created for theirs and global public, was in any case manipulation,” Hajek said.

I hope President Klaus is not paying too much attention to him on this subject.
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