Film festival FEBIOFEST 2007 in Prague March 22-30

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Film festival FEBIOFEST 2007 in Prague March 22-30

Postby Yvan » 13-Mar-07 20:42

Selling tickets starts on WED 14.3. at 13.00.

14th edition of Prague International Film Festival Febiofest 2007

Prague international film festival Febiofest originated in 1993. Primarily a small club event, it grew with time into the largest audio-visual festival in the Czech Republic. Its main part stretches over the span of nine days, and takes place in fourteen cinema halls in Prague. The Febiofest is thus the largest Prague film festival, and apart from the feature-length films, it also focuses on experimental cinematography, documentaries, and on extensive retrospectives in particular.

The festival features approximately 300 films from approx. 60 countries of the world every year. The projections are visited by about 100 000 spectators in the Czech Republic (out of which 70 000 persons represent the audience in Prague).

An excelent chance to watch great movies.
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