"experimental rock" in Prague?

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"experimental rock" in Prague?

Postby erosina » 20-Aug-07 20:28

I'm a newcomer in this newsgroup...and I begin asking for an information....

Between 26th and 30 th August I'll be in Prague, and I would like to know where is possible to listen "alternative" musicians like Iva Bittova, Plastic
People of the Universe, Uz Jsme Doma, Jablkon, Pavel Fajt, Dunaj (is this group working?)

....It's enough to know some name of venues where I can listen this kind of music.

Sorry for my awful english! :oops:

Thank in advance!

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Postby serlututu » 20-Dec-07 3:13

It's to late of course but for your future travels in Praha there is a good website wuth all concerts, you can choose the day:
http://programy.sms.cz/index.php?P_id_k ... val=&mesto[]=Praha&program_typ=kluby
for exemple today 2 great concerts: Uz jsme doma and Ty sycaci !!!
ArgHHH !!!
I saw UJD 2 weeks ago in Paris, very good !
In summer you have a lot of interesting festivals:
http://www.musicfest.cz/Program/tabid/1 ... fault.aspx
Hradec kralove:

And more others...

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