2010 Quality of Life Index - Czech republic is 24th from 194

For expatriates living in the Czech Republic or those considering moving there.

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2010 Quality of Life Index - Czech republic is 24th from 194

Postby Yvan » 07-Jan-10 6:57

Quality of Life Index: 194 Countries Ranked and Rated to Reveal the World’s Best Places to Live in 2010 :

The Final Scores
See the complete scores for every country in every category here :
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Ctyri koruny
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Postby Ctyri koruny » 07-Jan-10 15:07

Czech 48 78 52 74 100 82 78 100 67 73
Ireland 28 81 60 70 100 79 72 100 65 70

I'll just quote these scores next time someone asks me why I moved here :D
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Postby Torgut » 31-Jan-10 14:05

Oh come on! When one knows more than his own country (and I mean, really knows, not like going abroad for a week) it won't take him long to see how pathetic these "studies" are. Looking at the table, I can see how silly the rates are just by comparing my own country with Czech Republic, knowing pretty well how it it to live in both places.

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