Jilecek or Gileczek

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Jilecek or Gileczek

Postby czek » 03-Aug-03 20:19

USA name Gileczek. Old world name Jilecek.
Ancestors from Vodnany,Czech. Looking for possible current residence of distant relatives
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Re: Jilecek or Gileczek

Postby Rapunzll » 19-Oct-19 4:58

You posted this along time ago so you might not see this. We are probably relatives. My great grandmother Fanny Hunter‘s parents I believe were from Vodnany. Katerina Hornick and Albert Giliczek. I’ve seen it spelled so many different ways. They settled in Detroit and are buried in Elmwood cemetery. If you see this and have any information I’d love to know what you’ve got because I have hardly anything. - Nancy

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