Looking for relatives of Michal Zavorka born 1865 in Bohemia

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Postby Sova » 10-Aug-10 22:31

wer wrote:The second location bears an evidenční číslo (evidence number) which are assigned to buildings of temporal character, hence the building is hardly from the 1800's.

The first location has a číslo popisné (number descriptive) which are used for permanent buildings. These numbers are stable in the countryside and if the building is from the 1800's it is likely to have the same number all the time. Also a new building in place (or nearby) the former one can bear the same number. Nevertheless, it would be better to check some older map from the 1800's.

Thanks, wer. That's what I thought (albeit for the wrong reason), but I wasn't sure.

wer wrote:Likely, but not definitely. Křížek could be the name of her first husband, or of her step-father.

Okay, that's true, but if her name was changed while in the Czech Republic, it still should have had the feminine ending -ova (that was my main point).

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