Looking for family Konarik

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Looking for family Konarik

Postby jmc72 » 18-Apr-12 6:12

Hello - I posted here back on 16 June 2009. I was helping my mother plan a trip back to Czech republic to find family. That trip never happended but its now back on and Im travelling with her in Ausgust 2012. I was quering the family name Konarik and Gasek. My last correspndoance was from a senior member Wer who suggested I contact the Velke Karlovice registery and the local Mayor as they share the same name konarik. My mother was born 21 June 1946 in Halenkov as Pavla Konarik. I was wondering if this advice from Wer is still current and any other sugesstions would be grateful.
Many thanks

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