The Origin of the Czech Surname Klokoc and Kabelac?

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The Origin of the Czech Surname Klokoc and Kabelac?

Postby militaryspouse » 08-Apr-08 16:59

How do I find out the Origin of the surnames KLOKOC and KABELAC? I am interested in Family Crest & Surname History / Surname Origin of these names.

Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

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Postby wer » 08-Apr-08 23:49

“Klokoč” is an old Czech word meaning “wave/gurgle/rapids/bubling/boil/fuss/chaos”. The modern variant of this word is „klokot“.

In modern Czech, “klokoč” is the name used for plants of the genus Staphylea.

The word is often used in local names, thus the name could be related to some local place as well.

The male surname “Kabeláč” is derived from the noun “kabele/kabela” (old/modern Czech) meaning “bag/pouch/holdall”.

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