Looking for small studio apartment for rent in Olomouc

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Postby kiki_pop1 » 27-Mar-10 14:52

hello, my name is Kristijan and I´m from Zagreb, Croatia, but I study theology in Maribor, Slovenia. Next academic year I´m going via Erasmus exchange program to Olomouc for two semestars.
I´m searching for small studio apartment or flatlet for rent, for acceptable (student!!) price, but all that I have found are flats in settlements near Olomouc or in Olomouc but min. for 6000 czk. Can someone please direct me where to search? I have looked on online real estate sites, both in english and in czech...
And one more thing, how much are monthly expenses for an decent student living - without beer and nightclubbing :)
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Postby martino » 05-Feb-16 10:36

I wanted to learn more about Czech Republic and I have a chance now. I also go to Olomouc via Erasmus exchange. Same like you, I would like to find a small studio apartment. Can you help me.. Where to look for, how did you find it, what was the apartment price, what amount of monthly budget is needed?

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