good intermediate czech book

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good intermediate czech book

Postby Lorel » 27-Jul-00 23:52

Help! I spent 16 months in the Czech Republic, and I'm losing my language ability quickly. I have a good grasp on basic Czech grammar, but need a way to keep up my studies. Does anyone know of a good intermediate level Czech langauge book and where it is available? I had some exposure to the "So you want to learn Czech" books while in the Czech Republic, but have not found anything comparable in the U.S.
Lenny Bruce

Postby Lenny Bruce » 05-Aug-00 20:05

My recomendation is David Short's "Teach Yourself Czech". It is the book sold on this website.
I would also suggest you watch Czech TV, listen to Czech radio, or somehow hear Czech. Your abilities seem to be beyond mine, so Im afraid this is to the extent that I can help you.

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