Learning Czech language over the internet?

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Learning Czech language over the internet?

Postby Julia » 12-Jul-00 4:06

I´m curious, does anyone know about any czech teaching over the internet?
I live in Iceland, and I´m trying to find a way to learn the language.
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Postby Jana » 12-Jul-00 14:10

It depends on the present level of your knowledge. If you think I could help you, please feel free to contact me at the address janademilt@yahoo.com.
Good Luck!
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Postby Dana » 13-Jul-00 8:30

Julia, have you been to Local Lingo at www.locallingo.com? It offers a pronunciation guide for all Czech characters, a brief theoretical introduction to the language and its grammar, and selected phrases and vocabulary. The pronunciation guide, phrases and vocabulary include audio recordings by a native Czech speaker. We would be happy to know if you find the site helpful and how we can improve it. Good luck with your studies!

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