Is Czech sinilar to Polish?

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Is Czech sinilar to Polish?

Postby wanda » 14-Mar-02 7:54

I will be visiting Czech Rep. in the summer on my way to Poland. I know some Polish, is it similar to Czech? Would anyone understand my Polish?
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Postby Veronika » 17-Mar-02 23:13

I do understand some polish, but it is because in North Moravia we used to get a polish channel. I have found out, that people from South Moravia and i know south Bohemia however do not understand. I don't know how it is with people in North Bohemia. I was living not very far from Polish borders and we used to go there for some shopping (as most still do, cause you can fing cheaper stuff). So I know peolple aroud Ostrava do understand, and people in Poland who live close to the border do understand czech as well. However, they are not able to replay as we can not too, only in our own languages.

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