My husband's family doesn't speak English!!!

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My husband's family doesn't speak English!!!

Postby boohiss13 » 22-Apr-03 22:41

I just found this site and this is my first post. I"m Nancy Trojakova (Trojak here in the US Image ) and I have been trying to teach myself Czech for almost 3 years now. I feel I've done quite well, considering I do not get much help from my husband and we only speak English in the house......but I really want to take online classes. There is a college near me that teachs Czech, but the hours do not do well with my work schedule.

My husband does not think it a big deal that I cannot converse in Czech, but I do, since none of his family speak English and we must always let Marek translate for us on the phone... I HATE it!!

Does anyone know of any online classes? I know of Slovak classes, that are very cheap actually, but I want just Czech. (I do realize how similar the languages are, but I do not want to learn something and then have to be corrected's hard enough to remember as it is!! Image )

Anyone know of anything?



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