german language?

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german language?

Postby germanyjon » 25-Jul-03 19:44

going to Prague next month..

since the University of Prague is the oldest German speaking (at one time) university... would it be a safe assumption that at least SOME people can speak German?

I dont speak Czech but DO speak German... and was hoping that would help me...

thanks very much
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Postby Dana » 25-Jul-03 23:53

If you speak English, you're set. English is the number one foreign language spoken in Prague these days, especially by the younger generation. Older people will tend to know German better than English. Both languages are used in the tourist industry.
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Postby Kikko » 26-Jul-03 0:51

All of the czech girls I know have studied german at school

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Postby germanyjon » 29-Jul-03 5:01

thank u for the responses........... I can do English, as I'm american, but i really miss speaking both is great Image

thanks all

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