Cesi, Slovaci s detma v Indiane ???

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Cesi, Slovaci s detma v Indiane ???

Postby gabulina » 27-Oct-09 18:24

Ahoj, bydlime v severni Indiane - blizko Michigan City - nenajde se pobliz nejaka ceska nebo slovenska rodinka s detma ?! Nekdo z Michigan City, South bend, Valparaiso, Merrilvile, IN a nebo New Buffalo , MI.

Přeji pěkný den :D
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Postby dzurisova » 27-Oct-09 18:55


Vím lídi z New Buffalo a Three Oaks, MI. But none of them get on this site. :)

Also, most are a little older and don't have young children. I know one Czech woman (my czech teacher) with small children. She lives in Bridgeman.

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