Help!!! Problems with recruitment Company Conduct??

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Help!!! Problems with recruitment Company Conduct??

Postby bernieman » 12-Mar-09 13:25

I've also added this to introductions as it's my first time.

Hi to everybody, I've enjoyed reading these post's which have given me some good insights into life in Brno.....very mixed to say the least!

I'm currently in talks with a recruitment agency (source network) for a role in Brno so I would be relocating from the UK

I have had a mixed experience so far as I have completed, references, recruitment test and an excel analyst test from the company and I think I have done quite well, the next stage was supposed to be a phone interview with a manager from the company on Monday but I haven't had any calls or emails replied to from the recruitment company.

The strange thing is that I have had maybe 10 calls previously where we discussed living costs, tax, location so I don't know why they would waste so much time doing this?

Has anybody been in the same situation? It's annoying because this last month i've been reading up about Brno, where to live, things to do and now it seems too quiet.

Any help would be great!!

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