PayPal accounts in Czech republic

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PayPal accounts in Czech republic

Postby Yvan » 11-Oct-06 12:51

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Postby elisalily » 03-Dec-07 17:31

:D :D :D :D :D

good news for the Czech ..

we do wholesale business in China . our website is .

if anybody is interested in the website product .pls contact me derectly ..

best regards msn :
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Postby juanilata » 06-Oct-09 13:12

What is paypal and why they take some charges for transaction? I have heard about Paypal account but do not know anything about it. What is a paypal account? Some say that they take up some charges for transaction. Is it true? If so, how many dollars do they deduct for a 100 dollars payment. Kindly explain in detail. Practical experiences most welcome.
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Postby GlennInFlorida » 06-Oct-09 15:51

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