Dual Citizenship-can someone help?

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Postby Suniskys » 31-Jul-08 1:46

You can have dual citizenship, at least on the CR end of things. My father, brother, son, and I all have dual citizenship (CR and Canadian).

I had my son in Canada. There were some hoops to jump through in terms of paperwork, and it took a while, but he was rewarded Czech citizenship in the spring (took about a year or so). It included getting his Canadian birth certificate translated, me sending all my documentation, and a lot of signatures (which were signed in Canada in front of a notary public).

This is the inital email I was sent when I enquired about the forms I needed to fill our for my son. It includes links to the forms:

all forms, instructions and lists of documents you have to gather, can be found on our website, which is only available in Czech, however. Please note as well, that all forms are in Czech and have to be filled out in Czech, as they are to be used in the Czech Republic (Czech citizenship also anticipates a knowledge of Czech language).

The list of all necessary documents and instructions how to proceed can be downloaded from our website:

http://www.mzv.cz/wwwo/default.asp?id=3 ... rentIDO=72

Relevant forms can be downloaded here:

http://www.mzv.cz/wwwo/default.asp?id=3 ... rentIDO=72
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Postby BMoody » 18-Nov-08 14:06

http://www.us-immigration.com/informati ... nship.html

In a survey US immigration sent out to the world's nations... If the foreign national acquires US citezenship, does that national lose their originial citizenship....?

In regards to the Czech Republic....

"CZECH REPUBLIC (Retain) As per new law signed by President Havel in 1999"

One keeps the Czech citizenship and attains US citizenship as a dual national. This is discouraged by the US, but is legal. No where is there a US statute requiring you to relinquish allegience to both the CR and the US in becoming a dual citizen.

Get an immigration lawyer because you can't afford to mess it up. Overall, it all should be possible.
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Postby BMoody » 18-Nov-08 14:12

Oh yeah, for becoming a Czech citizen...

No idea of giving up original nationality still applies though the text does say so.

This is Wikipedia so don't blast me too hard please :(.

Citizens that have for at least 5 years (10 years until 2005) held a right for permanent residence and have resided in the Czech Republic for most of that time, can apply for Czech naturalization, if they can prove they have or will lose their original citizenship upon being granted Czech citizenship, is of good character and can prove proficiency in the Czech language. Parents can apply for their children under 15 years of age.

The residence requirement can be waived if the person has a permanent residence permit and

* was born on the territory of the Czech Republic, or
* has lived there for at least 10 years continuously, or
* has held Czech citizenship before, or
* was adopted by a Czech citizen, or
* his or her spouse is a Czech citizen, or
* at least one of his or her parents is a Czech citizen, or
* has relocated to the Czech Republic before 31st December 1994 based on the invitation of the Czech government, or
* is stateless or has the status of refugee in the Czech Republic

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