I welcome the decision of the Czech Constitutional Court

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Postby wer » 27-Nov-08 21:20

Yvan wrote:Czech repubic isn't UK with established political culture.

EU rules aren't the best ones but they at least restrict some activities of the Czech politicians.

In the Czech republic many top politcians :
- have contacts with the bosses of organized crime
- have very few respect to the law and judicial system
- have (indirect) contacts with the Russian secret agents
- support Russian imperial policy and dependency the Czech republic to Russia
- are involved in corruption
- have contacts with the companies involves at the big states contracts

Under this condition I prefer more control over Czech politicians.
I trust much more EU then our leaders like Mr. Klaun.

Apparently, the established political culture you are seeking for is not a democratical one, because your hatred to some of the politicians, maybe even to one single politician, makes you to attack other people’s right to be represented by their elected representatives.

I only wonder whether it is a slave mentality of yours or an elitist disregard to the interests of other people.

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