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Postby josh » 01-Feb-03 4:14

Thank you. Thank you, very much. A bright light went on in my head when I read about the tongue placement.

I was talking to a friend of mine about this yesterday evening. She mentioned that all of the people she knew from Slavic language countries, who now live in the US (probably 10 people), seem to mispronounce their i's (from our regional perspective). All of the i's she felt came out too long.

So now, reading about the tongue position, it makes sense! In my regional English, "ti" would be pronounced with my tongue well back of my teeth - on the back of my hard palate. So it comes out like.... I don't know how to write it phoentically. Hmmm... Just sounds like "tih" to me. Not even a hint of "tee" at all.

But if I I pronounce the "t" right, it makes the "i" come out right. (And in my head it sounds like a strange t followed by a long i).

And in getting that right, I now am hearing a difference bewteen the long and short y at the end of a word.

Of course, I will now contend that words like tick, bit, etc. are bad examples for American's with certain regional accents - (Midwestern/Pacific Northwest from my persepective). Image

Thanks again for the help. Now if I can just get my mouth around that r-hacet thing.


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Postby Ani » 01-Feb-03 16:37

Dana I've been studying Czech for almost a year now and I always find your explanations extremely helpful:-) Your instructions for the sound of soft t was brilliant:-) Josh what I've found with "r s hackem" is that when my teacher says it and I repeat the word after her, I have no problem with it, but when I try reading it on my own I've become so brainwashed with thinking that it's a difficult sound that to my ears it sounds funny!! I was really lucky because a friend of mine sent me a Czech music CD for Christmas and I listen to the music and follow the words and I think this is really helping my pronunciation:-)
Good luck:-) Anna
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Postby Dana » 05-Feb-03 0:10

Thank you Ani, I'm glad my explanations are helpful!

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