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Postby Ladis » 13-Oct-05 10:10

Hehe, I was faster by some hundredths of the second :lol:
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Postby scrimshaw » 13-Oct-05 14:34

Thanks Ladis and Dana
I found it. I'd like to post a picture. I will work on this.
I should not be allowed to own a computer since I am so bad at this.
files I would like to get picture from but avatar puts the whole file iin the window instead of allowing me to designate one specific picture.
I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. :oops:
Mam se prividet do rozpaku?
(Does that mean "should I be embarassed"?)
Jsem zvědav, jak by to vypadalo, kdybych byl přivolávačem deště. Jak by to vypadalo, kdybych uměl přivolat déšt'?
Mám pocit ale, že se to bohužel nikdy nedozvím.
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Postby Ladis » 13-Oct-05 14:51

scrimshaw wrote:Mam se privádet do rozpaku?

Just upload somewhere your e.g. photo and write me to make an avatar from it (cropping, rescaling, saving in a right compression level, ...).
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Postby superted » 16-Oct-05 19:02

Hmm, it won`t let me add my photo for some reason. I have a 80x80 3kb JPEG, I browse for the file and click submit. It tells me my profile has been updated but when I look at it again nothing has changed. What am I doing wrong :?: :?:
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Postby phi11ip » 17-Oct-05 14:21

superted wrote:. What am I doing wrong :?: :?:

Nothing probably. I've tried several times over the weekend to upload a picture, but like you, nothing happens when I select the picture in the browser.
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Postby mike_jtw » 17-Oct-05 15:55

I have also had problems so I eventually gave up in the end

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Postby Viktor » 12-Dec-05 17:58

Here I was under the impression, that I was the only "idiot" having problems with posting a picture (been trying for over one year, when I had more hair on my head).

The message informs me that the immage is too big!.. I cropped it down to "just my nose ( I do have a large nose, but give me a break)", and still no luck!..

Any guidence or advice?

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Postby gementricxs » 12-Dec-05 19:06

It worked fine for me, just be sure that your picture is 80x80 pixels and 6KB at maximum (it must be smaller than 6KB)
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Postby Ladis » 12-Dec-05 19:19

I've tried it just now:
  1. click Profile
  2. click Browse in the line titled "Upload photo from your machine:"
  3. select a picture (not bigger than 80x80 pixels and 6 kB; .jpg or .gif)
  4. click Submit
Easy, and it works :) (I temporally changed my avatar).
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Postby Jeff » 12-Dec-05 20:17


I missed some of these later posts. Ladis and gementricxs, thanks for checking to make sure the upload is working. Is anyone still having trouble getting their sized picture (avatar) to upload correctly? If so, please describe what the problem is and we'll try to figure it out.

With regards to the size limitation, we would like to keep the image small, so the pictures do not slow down the loading of a thread. We are happy to resize your photo and add it to your profile if you are not able to get your image down to 6K or below. Just attach your photo to an email and send it along with your username

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