What type of translation help is this forum for?

Need help with a word or a phrase? Have a short translation request? For translations longer than a few sentences, please contact a <a href=http://www.locallingo.com/translators_interpreters/index.html target="_blank">translator</a>.

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What type of translation help is this forum for?

Postby Local Lingo » 24-Jan-06 13:10

The idea behind the Vocabulary & Translation Help forum is for members to be able to request help in translating a word or a phrase, or up to a few sentences at the most, from Czech into English or vice versa. These requests should ideally be made for the purpose of learning or sincerely trying to understand the Czech language.

The forum is not meant to serve as a 'free translation service'. If you have a long text of any kind or a personal email from a friend or your cousin in Brno and need them translated, this is not the place to post them.

Below are some good resources that can help with your translation needs:

*Check the Local Lingo online phrasebook to see if the word or phrase you need can be found there.
*A great online dictionary is at slovnik.cz.
*A list of professional Czech/English translators is available in the Translators section on Local Lingo.

Thank you,

Your Local Lingo Team

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