Ahooooooooj from Frankfurt

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Ahooooooooj from Frankfurt

Postby nyodreamz9 » 26-Feb-04 3:14

Hello all,

I am currently living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and have been fortunate enough to meet many people from the Czech Republic. I am planning a trip to Prague :arrow: sometime within the next few months. That said, I now face the task of learning Czech :shock: ...not easy, but also not impossible! I have picked up on a few words...my favorite being PIVO of course! 8) and desperately wanting to learn more. Fortunately for me most of the people I've met speak fluent English and I have had the opportunity to teach them American-English slang ....(the cool words so they say!) in exchange for learning to count to 3 as I have a little trouble with saying 4...14...24...44!!!!! LOL :P I have enjoyed each and every moment that I have spent with them and we are always planning for more. If anyone is planning a trip to Frankfurt, Germany, please let me know so that we can all get together for Budwar or Uquell!

Thanks! :wink:

pomoz mi! jsem česky
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Postby maartenv » 26-Feb-04 9:20

Hi Terrance,

Welcome here.

Your introduction refelcts my nice expierience with the Czech Republic, and my new friends there :)

I'ts a hard language to learn, and maybe we can team up a bit later. Just asking questions to each other, etc.

I expect to be in Frankfurt some time this year, and I'll give you a call.

Cau, cau,
Maarten Vermeulen, Netherlands :)

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