Bee hive cookie molds

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Bee hive cookie molds

Postby gaylene » 23-Nov-06 20:33

I would like to find some 3-D bee hive cookie molds to make the Christmas cookies that I enjoyed on a holiday trip to Prague several years ago. Any idea where to purchase them in the U.S. or from the Czech Republic?
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Postby DanielZ » 28-Nov-06 19:21


These cookie molds [formičky] are hard to find in the USA. If you know someone in Prague they can purchase them at the Kotva.

If you absolutely cannot find any, then do what I did, until I found some in Prague.

Take a cardboard American egg crate, one that holds one dozen eggs and cut out one, or several, of the individual chambers that each hold one egg. Use that as a cookie mold [formička].

It will certainly not look authentic, but once the cookie is in one's mouth, who could tell? They actually look splendid, without a proper mold.


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