Traditional Christmas songs in Czech language

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Postby Tina » 29-Nov-07 0:12

Dear All,
You helped me a lot!!
Have a wonderfull and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
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Postby eso » 29-Nov-07 10:19

Quite known modern Czech Christmas song is "Vanoce, vanoce prichazeji":

Lyrics: ... azeji.html
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Postby ta » 13-Dec-07 2:13


I am Czech living in the US and I myself have been trying to get some classic czech Christmas songs. I have a little baby daughter so I think it's time to roll out the "Czech roots" of mine and start educating her... 8)

Also, another Czech Christmas CLASSIC is the "Rybova mse" (Ryba's mass); It is usually sang/listened to by the people on the New Year's Eve - at least that's what my family would used to do. Although it is a music piece written for a catholic mass (I think it was written in 19th century) lot of Czechs -unbelievers - still consider it part of their Christmas and listen to it at home while dressing up the Christmas tree.

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