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deleting post items

Postby aspirio » 03-Jan-08 1:06


i would like to delete my post, but when i get to editing it no 'delete' icon/button seems to be there. why?

i read your instruction but it does not explain clearly. it says that the 'delete' button will not appear once the post was edited by admin. how am i to know if this happened?

why don't you allow users to take care about the old posts and delete them entirely to keep the posts on your web site up to date?

please let me know how can i get rid of my old post if i don't want to be contacted in regard of it anymore.

thank you,
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Postby dzurisova » 03-Jan-08 3:08

You can edit it by clicking edit and then just type something like the word "deleted"
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Postby My Czech Republic » 03-Jan-08 11:32

dzurisova wrote:You can edit it by clicking edit and then just type something like the word "deleted"

PLEASE, do not do this, otherwise the message boards will become a mess. If you don't want to be contacted regarding your post anymore, please make another post in the same thread and explain that your original post is outdated and that you do not wish to be contacted about it anymore. See Deleting items for a full explanation of our position in this regard.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation!


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