Getting to Andel's Hotel

Where to go? What to see? How to get there?

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Postby Angela_O » 15-May-08 2:26

Hi all!!
Prague was absolutely glorious! I have never experienced any place that was so beautiful that I almost cried, but the view over the city from the castle did me in.
I ended up taking a taxi from and to the airport, and I'm glad I did. There were times when the escalators for the Metro just decided to stop completely. I had a taste of lugging my very heavy bags up and down stairs in the London Tube, and it was not pleasant!
I paid 560 K from the airport to the Andel's, and then the motel car charged me a pre-established 700 K to take me back to the airport. The Andel's was perfect for me. I had the Tesco and the Andel's Metro right there, and I ate at Corleone's which was just one street over daily. I fell in love with a little tomato/cucumber/red pepper/Balkan cheese salad that they served, not to mention the pints of "Zlatopramen".
I cannot wait to return to Prague! Thank you all for the advice and reassurances you offerered prior to my trip. I felt completely safe as a solo female, and everyone was just as nice as they could be. :D
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Postby GlennInFlorida » 15-May-08 4:24

So happy you had a wonderful time (knew you would) - best wishes for your plans for a return trip! :D
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Postby Alexx » 15-May-08 17:49

Thanks Angela for your input. I am really glad you felt comfortable and safe and you enjoed your trip.

Btw. - you/she are/is the ultimate proof we were right and Dave O'D. was NOT :lol:
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