advice for a job offer in Brno

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advice for a job offer in Brno

Postby gabbiero » 17-Jul-08 21:44

Hello everybody,
As I am a foreigner (from Romania) I need a piece of advice concerning a job offer as a helpdesk in a multinational company based in Brno; they told me the salary was between 600 and 800 euros grose/month (the company hasn't made me an offer yet but said that they were happy with me and probably I will receive an offer in a few days); is that enough to make a living? they provide accomodation for the first 3 months but I will still have to pay the rent which according to them varies between 4000 and 4.160 czk; can somebody tell me what is the rent for a 2 rooms appartment in Brno?

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