Searching for family of Anton Srnsky

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Searching for family of Anton Srnsky

Postby MyMocha » 27-Apr-08 15:09

I am seeking information on my husbands great grandfather, Anton Srnsky, born February 27, 1840 to Joseph and Marianna (Dostal) Srnsky of Olesna. He was married three times with his first two wives dying in childbirth. I am searching for the names of those wives. The first one died August 13, 1866 when giving birth to Mary Srnsky. The second wife died November 26, 1872 when giving birth to Josephine Srnsky. He was married the third time to Mary/Marie Ruzicka daughter of James and Katerina (Moravec) Ruzicka. She was born July 25, 1849. Both Anton and his third wife died in the USA.

I would appreciate any help someone might be able to give me. Thank you.
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Postby Sova » 28-Apr-08 21:15

I found 14 towns or neighborhoods named Olešná . Do you have any other information which might narrow the search? The surname Srnský is not very common, but it doesn't seem to be concentrated in any one particular region (at least not that is evident from the online phonebook).
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Postby MyMocha » 28-Apr-08 22:35

Anton's obituary states he was born in Oliu but I don't believe there is a town/village with that name. I have nothing else to go by. Thanks for your response.
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Postby Smetana » 23-Jul-08 17:27

Don't know if this is the same name or not, but families with the surname SRNENSKY came to Texas from the Moravian village of Leskovec.

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