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Postby Polednikova » 11-Nov-08 8:04

Ahabseye wrote:No wonder Americans are so hated across the globe.

She should go into any big city in America, and see, and smell the exact same things!!

Grrrrrrrr, man stupid people bring me down!!
I quite agree, Ahabseye, although I really don't know what part of Prague she was in because I rarely see any of the things she was talking about especially the spiders. I think she's just bonkers. :roll:

By the way, congratulations on using your first posting since joining in 2006 to make such a pertinent comment!
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Postby hoppo29 » 11-Nov-08 10:23

Hi everyone,

I think she needs locking up in a padded cell!! I ve been to Praha a few times and I have not seen any of this. Maybe she was talking about America, maybe they have a Praha too!!!

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Postby SMZ » 12-Nov-08 16:07


I lived in Prague for 5 months and I don't think I saw a single spider during that time...

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